Co-founders with Engineering background, Bushra and Rachel, draw inspiration from a deep-rooted interest in global culture, architecture, and art. We respect cultural diversity where similarity and differences of different cultures are celebrated. With this in mind, we created ANNALINAR.

In keeping cultural traditions, ANNALINAR offers modest clothing for the modern day professional woman who respects herself and plays multiple roles in today’s society while she appreciates exquisitely cut and hand-tailored garments that are made to last.

ANNALINAR is dedicated to creating beautiful and unique apparel for women who choose to dress modestly and fashionably yet maintaining respect given cultural traditions.

All garments are proudly made in Bangkok by experienced tailors. Our designs are thoughtfully engineered and lie in modern silhouettes, bold lines, geometric precision, and great attention to detail which combine the classic and contemporary. Our garments are timeless pieces that can complement any professional woman’s wardrobe.

ANNALINAR is dedicated to creating apparel for women who choose to dress modestly in order to support the global cultural movement in modest fashion.

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